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Who am I?

Stephen Jacobs (Born 03 February 1997) from Pretoria, South Africa, is a multi-instrumentalist performer, actor, writer, editor and overall creative jack of all trades that does freelance work for the film and music industries.

At the age of 11, Jacobs taught himself how to play the drums with help from a few books and youtube videos. A year later he realized that he wanted to learn more than just drums and started to learn how to play other instruments such as bass and guitar. When Jacobs wasn't in front of the camera he was practicing his instruments. By the time Jacobs turned 16 he had written tons of his own songs and mastered the basics of his instruments.

In 2014, Jacobs enrolled at the Campus Of Performing Arts (C.O.P.A) majoring in drums and guitar, under the training of Nelis Du Plesis, Gerhardt B. Diedericks, Riaan Le Roux, Christiaan Rabie, Mitha Lubbe, Chad J. Knight and Francois Hatting. While doing his first year he started a band called Hidden Within with some of his colleagues and played their first gig at the Oakfield College: Battle of the Bands, in which they came second. Hidden Within played several gigs before breaking up due to change in musical direction.

In 2015, Jacobs started to offer private guitar, drums and theory lessons while doing his second year of studies. Soon Jacobs started to produce his own videos, posting drums and guitar covers to YouTube.

In 2016, Jacobs decided to get back into the music scene while doing his last year of college and joined South African Punk Rock band,Friends Like Thieves (drummer), as well as Rock band Dead Girl Friend (guitarist). He later started his own project called Honest Stables.

In 2017, Jacobs graduated at C.O.P.A with Merit and started to work at Dynamic Music Studio as the guitar teacher. Later he started to do session work for Ivan Roux and Henry Teaton, sharing the stage with artists such as Jo Black, Bottomless Coffee, Floyd Cele, Jezelle, Touch of Glass, Afrikaans Ruks, Nicolas Louw, Emo Adams and Snotkop. Due to lack of time Jacobs left Friends Like Thieves and Dead Girl Friend.

In 2018, Jacobs quit his job at Dynamic Music Studio to fully pursue his creative career. He started to produce music videos and comedy sketches for Honest Stables. Soon he became the sole content creator for the band, designing logos, writing songs, filming, directing and editing videos. Later Jacobs joined Blues Rock band Black Bone Nation as a stand in member/Roadie till the end of the year.

In 2019, Honest Stables released their debut EP; Beginner's Luck on the 15th of March, which was produced, recorded and written by Stephen Jacobs. Near the end of 2019, Jacobs joined a casting agency to kick-start his film career, landing him a role in an Afrikaans reality show; "SĂȘ Vir Mamma", as well as featured extra roles in "Pusha Pressa Phanda" and "Who's My Daddy".

In 2020, Jacobs moved to Cape Town and attempted to further his respective career. Two weeks later there was a coronavirus outbreak in China that led an international pandemic, ultimately causing a national lockdown in South Africa. Stuck at home, Jacobs went surfing the web and found a project called the "Lockdown Movie Project" initiated by Tim Greene. Jacobs joined the group and became an editor (ALL post-production) for "The Ground Under", "Vertrou Niemand" and "I Do Locked". By August "The Ground Under" was completed and is anticipated by its writer/director, Lukhanyo Bele, to release in October 2020. The other two lockdown movies are still in production.
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for more legitimate information about COVID-19, reports, statistics and government regulations regarding South African Citizens.
Support me on Paypal or Patreon

for more legitimate information about COVID-19, reports, statistics and government regulations regarding South African Citizens.
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